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The Ryan STA was one of the prettiest looking trainers to emerge from the 1930s “Golden Age” of aviation, the “A” variant of the Ryan ST was designed for aerobatics, which Ryan converted to produce the military STM version, this was basically the same aircraft with changes made to comply with military requirements. The Ryan STA is a favourite with scale model fans, not suprising given its combination of good looks and very solid & predictable flight characteristics. This superb Durafly Ryan STM is a model of a YPT-16 version and certainly does this good looking aeroplane justice!The Durafly Balsa Series is firstly and foremost about quality, the superbly constructed airframe is both lightweight and robust, the expertly applied covering is top notch and the model is finished off with superbly painted glass fibre wheel pants, cowl, seat hump and air exhaust vent. The quality of the pre-installed power train is also first rate, with the Ryan boasting a powerful NTM brushless outrunner and Turnigy ESC combination in the nose. Likewise, the pre-installed servos are the widely respected and trusted HXT 900s, which have plenty of torque for operating the Ryans control surfaces. The pre-installed hardware, like the glass fibre control horns is top quality and the control rods are secured by linkage stoppers meaning non of the usual plastic items are found on this superbly made scale model. Being balsa, you would expect the Ryan to take a little longer to assemble than a foamy but equally, it is so much more rewarding, even taking into account the high level of pre-finishing that is already done for you. This superb model is also very practical and features a large canopy for easy battery access and a removable 1pc wing for easy transportation.There is no doubting the advantages that balsa models offer over foam, the lightness and precision of wood construction offer a certain crispness to the flight characteristics that foam can rarely match, also balsa models will look good for years if looked after as they dont suffer from hanger rash so easily. Durafly have broken new ground in introducing a new range that combines the ease of use of a Plug and Fly foamy with the quality of a top notch balsa model and there is no doubt that this amazing looking Ryan flies every inch as good as it looks. The combination of a light wing loading and powerful motor make the Ryan a superb flying scale model and even at as little as 1/3 throttle, this fantastic looking YPT-16 cruises round with authority. Once opened up, the STM is just a joy to sport fly, loops, rolls, stall turns, split-s and so on can be executed with precision. The final bonus is that the 2200mAh battery not included and efficient motor/prop combination offer excellent flight times making this handsome plane a fantastic all round package. The new Durafly balsa series offers the best of all worlds in the Parkfly catagory……welcome to the new era!Features:Predictable, stable and locked in flying CharacteristicsSuperbly Crafted & High Quality Airframe and CoveringPowerful & Efficient Pre-Installed NTM 35mm Brushless Outrunner MotorLarge Diameter 10″ Prop for High EfficiencyQuality Turnigy ESC Pre-InstalledTried and Trusted HXT900 servos Pre-InstalledBalsa Quality Combined with Foamy ConveniencePlug and Fly, simply add Lipoly & RX Not IncludedSimple & Fast BuildTop Quality Hardware Included and Pre-InstalledTough Undercarriage and Steerable Tail Wheel for excellent Gound HandlingSpecs:Wingspan: 965mmLength: 825mmFlying Weight: 865g~880gWing Area: 16.3dm2Motor: 3530 NTM Brushless Outrunner 1100kvProp: 10x6Servo: HXT900 9g x 4ESC: 25A Turnigy w/BECRequires:Your Own 4 Channel TX/RX2200mAh 3s Lipoly BatteryPRODUCT ID: 9049000006

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